Your existing project can be any web project that generates static HTML content, such as a site containing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When you use one of Brimble’s supported frameworks, our platform will automatically detect and configure the optimal build and deployment settings for your framework. This guide will walk you through the process of importing your project and leveraging Brimble’s powerful features to enhance your development workflow.


Connect to Your Git Provider

To begin importing your existing project to Brimble, navigate to the New Project page. Under the Import Git Repository section, select the Git provider you wish to import your project from.

Follow the prompts to sign in to your GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket account. This step will authorize Brimble to access your repositories, ensuring a seamless integration and deployment process.

Connecting to your Git Provider

By connecting your Git provider, you enable Brimble to automatically deploy any changes pushed to your repository, streamlining your development workflow and ensuring your project is always up-to-date.


Import Your Repository

Once you’ve connected your Git provider, you’ll see a list of your repositories. Browse through the list and find the repository you wish to import into Brimble.

Click on the Import button next to your chosen repository to initiate the import process. This step will bring your existing codebase into Brimble, allowing you to leverage our powerful deployment and management features.

By importing your repository, you enable Brimble to handle your deployment configurations, optimize build settings, and streamline your project’s workflow, ensuring a seamless development experience.


Optionally, Configure Any Settings

After importing your repository, Brimble will automatically detect your framework and any necessary build settings. However, you have the flexibility to configure additional project settings at this stage to tailor the deployment to your needs.

Configuring project settings

  • Project Branch: Select the specific branch you want to deploy.
  • Deployment Directory: Specify the directory to deploy.
  • Build Settings: Customize basic build settings as needed.
  • Environment Variables: Set environment variables to manage configurations across different environments.

If you need to update the framework, build command, output directory, install command, or development command, expand the Basic Build Settings section and make the necessary adjustments.

To add or modify environment variables, expand the Environment Variables section and either paste or type them in. These settings can also be modified later in your project dashboard.


Deploy your project

Press the Deploy button. Brimble will create the Project and deploy it based on the chosen configurations.


Enjoy the confetti!

To view your deployment, select the Project in the dashboard and then select the Domain. This page is now visible to anyone who has the URL.

Accessing auto-generated domain