Project Dashboard Overview

Welcome to the Project Dashboard, your central hub for managing projects with Brimble! Each Brimble project has a separate dashboard to configure settings, view deployments and more.

This page will teach you about the functionality of the dashboard at a high level, and provide links to resources if you want to learn more in depth.

What is the Project Dashboard?

The Project Dashboard is your go-to interface for handling all aspects of your projects on Brimble. Whether you’re configuring settings, monitoring deployments, or collaborating with your team, the Project Dashboard has got you covered.

Key Features


View and manage all your projects hosted on Brimble. Stay organized and keep track of your project’s status, settings, and more.


Manage your project’s domains and register new domains seamlessly. Take control of your project’s online presence with ease.


Access third-party apps and supercharge your workflow with the Integrations Marketplace. Explore a variety of tools and services tailored to enhance your development process.

Installed Integrations

View and manage your installed third-party integrations. Seamlessly integrate tools like Onboardbase, Slack, Contentful, and more into your Brimble projects.


Discover new integrations and explore a wide range of tools to boost your productivity. From messaging tools like Discord and Slack to content management systems like Contentful, Brimble’s Integrations Marketplace has something for everyone.

Deployment Management

Track and manage all your deployments right from the dashboard. Monitor deployment status, view logs, and rollback to previous versions effortlessly.

Project Sections

Project Details

Get an overview of your project, including key information such as project name, owner, and creation date.


Fine-tune your project settings, including environment variables, domain configuration, and more.


Gain insights into your project’s performance with detailed analytics and metrics.


Manage your project’s domains and configure custom routing options.


Control your project’s environment variables to customize its behavior across different environments.


Track and monitor your project’s activity with comprehensive logs, including History Logs and Request Logs.

Getting Started

Ready to dive in? Check out our comprehensive project documentation to learn everything you need to know about managing projects on Brimble. If you’re new to Brimble, why not create a new project using one of our templates to kickstart your journey?

Dive Deeper

Looking for more in-depth information? Explore our detailed resources and guides to unlock the full potential of the Project Dashboard. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, there’s something here for everyone.

With the Project Dashboard, managing your projects on Brimble has never been easier. Get started today and experience seamless project management like never before!

Disclaimer: Product features and functionality may vary. Screenshots are for illustrative purposes only.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features coming soon!