Installation 🛠

Get Brimble CLI installed on your computer

Let's get started with installing Brimble CLI on your computer so you can start deploying and managing your deployments in the terminal like the genius!


Installing global packages like Brimble CLI on these Unix/Linux based systems require special permissions so you would need to install the package using the "sudo" prefix this way.

Using NPM

sudo npm i -g @brimble/cli

Using Yarn

sudo yarn global add @brimble/cli


Installing Brimble CLI on Windows is quite straightforward and you can do it using any of the global installation commands below.

Using NPM

npm i -g @brimble/cli

Using Yarn

yarn global add @brimble/cli

Great work! At this point, you should now have Brimble CLI installed on your computer, let's move on to authentication.

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