Nameservers are essential for resolving domain names to IP addresses. For domains registered with Brimble, you can view, edit, and reset nameservers by selecting the domain from the Domains tab on your Account Settings page (for account-scoped domains) or your team’s dashboard.

Sometimes, you may need to delegate nameserver management to another host. Brimble allows you to add custom nameservers directly from the dashboard, enabling delegation to other DNS providers. You can add up to four nameservers at a time and revert to your previous settings if necessary.

For domains not registered with Brimble, you can change the nameservers through your domain registrar’s dashboard.

Keep in mind that nameserver changes can take up to 48 hours to complete due to DNS propagation.

Add custom nameservers

  1. Navigate to the Domains tab and select the domain
  2. On your domain’s settings page, under Nameservers, click the Edit button:


  1. In the Edit Nameservers modal, add the new nameservers:


Add Brimble’s nameservers

Before moving your domain to use Brimble’s nameservers, you should ensure that you own the domain listed on the Domains page of your account.